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VW logo for an image-video. A relatable blindfold test for customers with a Polo.
deutsche-bahn logo for internal video. British male voice Intranet and events.
Bosch logo. British male voiceover for the Bosch Series 8 oven. Relatable, informal delivery.
Amazon Alexa Mini connected - amazon car integration.image video online. Relaxed, cool style. UK voice talent. Normal guy style.
Allianz and St Andrew's Golf Course - British male corporate tagline. Confident but approachable.
Davinci TV logo. UK male narrator for pop-science light documentary series.
Dunlop logo for internal image film with male, British corporate voice-over.
HRS IVR for hotel reservation service with relatable UK voice talent
Febreze internal explainer video with neutral male British voice.
Mercedes internal corporate video with UK male voice.
British RP voice describing the experience as na exhibitor at the Frankfurt Messe
Utility point logo for a UK ad with a warm, mature male delivery
Procter & Gamble logo from a Febreze product video.
Product video for Stork margarine with an English, relatable male VO
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