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What is it you are looking for?

Having made your way here, you want to find a professional voice for your project, be it that voice that connects you with your target audience for a commercial, an explainer that leaves your clientele wanting to know more or someone engaged and attentive during an e-learning course, you want the listener to feel connected. You need to deliver your product or service to consumers and to do this it is important to reach them on a human level and that’s where I come in.

How can I help?

In today’s world people want an authentic experience. Be it online learning or the car they drive, people crave connection, and the human voice is this in its purest form. In most cases, a rapid turnaround is equally important and I've got you covered there too. I have my own personal, professional studio accessible at all times. This means I can usually have your recording delivered within 24 hours.

Voiceover and music

My years working as a professional musician provided both my introduction to the world of VO in commercial studios as well as demanding the skills and equipment needed to produce professional recordings in my own studio.
However, over time I have come to appreciate just how much my skills as a musician apply to the world of voiceover.

I hear you

#1 in any collaborative setting is to listen...  the importance of which is all too often underrated. Be it listening to client requirements, learning styles of delivery or how my own voice fits in a given context, a self-critical and discerning ear are what guide my speaking choices. I take direction attentively and transfer that into voicing that reaches the people you want to reach in the way you want to reach them.

Get your groove on!

But the transferable skills don't stop there. Timing and a sense of when to lean in to a phrase or gently pull the tempo back are equally important as a bass-player or a voice talent. In both settings, my role is to support the context as a whole while subtly nudging it in a particular direction - a similarity which I only recognised myself during the course of my work. The only difference is that, as a bass  player, you are the quiet one at the back. Now I get to come forward and do the talking. They say that nine tenths of being a successful musician is showing up to the gig on time and I carry that philosophy over into my voicing work.

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